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Petani Beach

Petani is a magnificent beach in the beautiful peninsula of Paliki. It consists of blue crystal waters and a stunning landscape of huge verdant cliffs that reach the blue sea. The water deepens right away and there are usually big waves in Petani.

Melissani lake

The cavern caved in several thousand years ago creating an amazing sight.

The best time to visit the lake is when the sun is right overhead around noon (depending on the season) when the sunlight rays strike the water, creating a magical blue light atmosphere.


The village of Assos in Kefalonia is a charming village perched on the waters edge. The village is full of Venetian ruins most notably the ruins of an old venetian castle. Assos is made up of pebbled beaches, traditional buildings and colourful houses. It is a beautiful village with narrow alleys full of flowering foliage and old churches. Here is our guide to exploring the town of Assos Kefalonia.

The Castle of Assos

This castle is a stunning example of venetian architecture. Visiting this castle requires quite a long walk. The route will take you through stunning olive tree forests to the arched entrance. Fortunately the arch itself is one of the most preserved part of all the ruins.

Mount Ainos

Mountain Ainos, located 30 km from Argostoli,  known as Monte Nero (Black Mountain) during the Venetian period due to thick forestation of the dark Kefalonian Fir tree (Abies Cephalonica), is the tallest mountain of the Ionian islands with an elevation of 1,628 metres (5,341 ft).

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